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Since building the first precision air conditioner in 1965, Liebert has developed a comprehensive range of protection systems for sensitive electronics of every size and application.

Liebert is the industry standard for precision environmental and power protection systems. Liebert products will ensure your computer room or sensitive application is up and running when you need it most. Follow the links for further information on the products listed below.

Liebert Product Precision Air Conditioning
and fluid cooling systems to provide spot-cooling in a control room or total protection of a traditional raised floor data center, meeting the needs of specialized equipment such as sensitive medical systems, demanding industrial processes, and remote telecommunication shelters. Above Ceiling, Small Room/Equipment Shelter, High Capacity, Chillers, and Heat Rejection.
Liebert Product Site Monitoring & Software
allow centralized or remote monitoring and control of your Liebert equipment, and other important systems, for instant updates via Liebert SiteScan, a BMS, your network, or a convenient centralized location.
Liebert Product 24 x 7 Service
and support from advice over the phone from the Liebert 24-hour Customer Response Center technical staff, all the way to overseeing and managing protection for multiple sites throughout the world.


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