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Hangar Flight Museum



Calgary’s seasonal humidity changes presented hazardous challenges for NE Calgary’s Hangar Flight Museum, an old World War II building. During a structural inspection, dry rot and cracks were discovered in several of the building’s wooden roof trusses. The museum underwent replacement and repair of the damaged beams, an extensive and expensive undertaking. In order to prevent further damage to the new and old structure, the museum operations personnel acknowledged the building would require a significant humidification system to maintain the year-round humidity in the space at a minimum of 35% relative humidity (RH). The humidification system would also be imperative to preserving the museum’s relic airplanes and artifacts.


Primary Design Considerations:


Solution and Equipment provided:


Results and Customer Feedback:

The humidification system has successfully maintained 35-40% RH since it was installed in the summer/fall of 2020. No additional cracks, dry rot or unwanted movement has been observed in the building structural elements and museum artifacts are safely being preserved. The water softener is performing as intended with regular inspections of the humidifier tank indicating the tank does not yet require cleaning or scale removal.

The museum operation’s manager is extremely pleased with the equipment, with the installation and with Western Air & Power Ltd.’s involvement stating “The technical sales reps at Western Air & Power Ltd. showed me how to operate the equipment, and both systems performed flawlessly during our first humidification season, the winter of 2020-21.”