Our business must be judged by the highest standards of ethical behavior. The message is simple and clear: diligent observance of the laws and regulations is a requirement from which there can be no exception. The same is true about observance of Company policies and practices. However, rules can’t guarantee ethical conduct: only people can. Therefore, the purpose of this program is as follows:

  • To affirm in a comprehensive statement the ethical standards required of all Company employees.
  • To encourage all employees to put the applicable ethical standards into daily practice.

It is the intent of Western Air & Power Ltd. (“Company”) to have all employees conduct themselves in ways that demonstrate uncompromising ethical standards in all of their dealings with customers, suppliers, governments, the public, and each other. In other words, the integrity of the Company rests on the integrity of its employees.

Western Air & Power Ltd. covers the Alberta market with field sales representatives, inside sales / warehouse personnel and front office accounting / support staff. Our vision is to incorporate “People, Products, Solutions” into a prosperous and growing company in which we share common goals, are proud of our achievements and provide superior service to our customers.

Employee Responsibility and

Each Company employee shall be responsible to conform his/her conduct strictly to this Program and any other applicable policies.

Each employee will be provided a copy of this Program and shall review it carefully in order to understand and comply with this Program. The President is responsible for ensuring that all employees receive a copy of the Program. With respect to particular areas of conduct involving specific employees, further training and guidance will be provided as appropriate. In any instance where any employee requires guidance as to how to follow this Code, he/she should seek advice from the President.

If at any time a Company employee or agent has engaged in, is about to engage in, has been asked to engage in, or suspects others have engaged in, conduct that may violate this Code, then any employee having knowledge of the matter shall report it directly to the President.

Each supervisor is responsible to oversee the conduct of each employee under his/her supervision and to ensure the employee’s compliance with this Program. Any supervisor receiving a report from an employee of a possible ethics violation shall report it to the President who shall take action as appropriate. Anyone violating this Program, whether occurring through individual misconduct, a failure to exercise adequate supervisory oversight, or a failure to report misconduct of others, shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action. Serious misconduct may result in termination of employment.